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Privacy Policy | Contele Soluções Tecnológicas

Contelesis Soluções Tecnológicas LTDA (Contele Soluções Tecnológicas), a legal entity governed by private law, with address at Rua Euclides da Cunha, 11, Gonzaga, Santos – SP, Brazil, registered with the CNPJ under n. 07.651.877/0001-91, establishes, below, the Privacy Policy of the SITE, in order to clarify the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of its Users and Visitors.

This Privacy Policy was created with the objective of ensuring the privacy of the information collected from users and visitors of all those who effectively access and register on the website made available on the websites and subdomains of,,, and/or in the Contele for Teams, Contele Manager, Contele Driver or Contele Fleet applications, and, thus beginning to enjoy the services provided through it, full and unequivocal knowledge of the rules set forth in this Privacy Policy instrument, as well as about the form of data collection and processing, under the terms of Law No. 13.709/18 (LGPD) and Law No. 12.965/14 (Marco Civil da Internet), and other conditions set forth below.


1.1. This Privacy Policy contains information on the collection, use, storage, processing, and protection of personal data of USERS and VISITORS of CONTELE websites, in order to demonstrate absolute transparency on the subject and clarify to all interested parties about the types of data collected, reasons for collection, and how users can manage or delete their information.

1.2. The USER/VISITOR declares to be aware that the aforementioned platforms take care of an environment created for information to circulate safely in a restricted environment shared with various treatment agents, according to article 5, item IX, LGPD, whose rules must be respected, as well as the privacy preferences and protection of personal data of holders who travel on their respective websites, applications and or other arising platforms, as well as facilitating their internet browsing, or with which the USER/VISITOR may have contact with personal data.

1.3. The USER/VISITOR declares to be aware that, through this privacy policy, the personal data collected may be shared with commercial partners of Contelesis Soluções Tecnológicas LTDA (Contele Soluções Tecnológicas) for the effectiveness of the platform, as well as for the improvement of the execution of the services provided by this company.


2.1. Contele Soluções Tecnológicas makes it available to users, in general, its domain sites, to provide corporate, product, and market information to the public.

2.2. For navigation and general use of Sites with informative and/or advertising content, it is not necessary for the User to identify himself. To register the use of the services offered by Contele Soluções Tecnológicas, we collect the personal information you give us, such as: name, email, and address.

2.3. When you access our websites, we also automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol, IP address, in order to obtain information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system, all in accordance with the activity performed by Contelesis Soluções Tecnológicas LTDA (Contele Soluções Tecnológicas) and to improve the service offered, facilitate and speed up compliance with the agreements signed with the company, improve the experience of users and visitors, in addition to providing specific functionalities depending on the basic characteristics of the user/visitor.

2.4. Electronic correspondence will be sent (Marketing emails will only be carried out if you allow it. In these emails, you will be able to receive news about our sites, new products, and other updates.

2.5. In order to use the services provided by Contele Soluções Tecnológicas’ intellectual property systems, the user must provide certain data.

2.6. All information and data collected will be stored in Contele Soluções Tecnológicas’ database, which has security systems compatible with Brazilian and international market standards.

2.7. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, the definitions established in the LGPD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (General Data Protection Law) – Law 13.79/2018.


3.1. As pointed out in clause 2.2. of this Policy, some features and services of the Sites require the provision of personal data by the User for their feasibility, such as, by way of example, when providing personal information, such as name, telephone or address to complete a transaction, a registration, budget, test in our systems or through any other means (physical/verbal) with the user/visitor agreeing, from now on, after performing actions, we understand that you agree with the collection of data to be used by our company in legally imposed limits.

3.2. The collected data are necessary and used so that Contelesis Soluções Tecnológicas LTDA (Contele Soluções Tecnológicas) can identify the preferences of Users and visitors and thus produce content of interest, in addition to enabling communication between Contele and User/visitors regarding news that may be of interest to you.

3.3 The personal data of USERS or VISITORS are stored by the platform for the period necessary to provide the service or fulfill the purposes provided for in this instrument, pursuant to article 15, item I of Law No. 13.709/18 (LGPD).

3.3.1 The collected data may be stored after the end of the treatment in the cases provided for in article 16 of Law No. 13.709/18 (LGPD), namely:

a. To comply with the legal or regulatory obligation by the controller;

b. Study by research bodies, ensuring, whenever possible, the anonymization of personal data;

c. The transfer to a third party provided that the data processing requirements laid down in the governing law are respected;

d. For the exclusive use of the controller, access to a third party is prohibited, as long as the data is anonymized.

3.4. If the user/visitor no longer wants to receive future contacts via email, simply access the unsubscribe link contained in the message.

3.5. If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, such as marketing, a direct request will be made in the separate section with your consent, and acceptance is provided.

3.6. In view of Contele’s concern with the privacy and data protection of its Users and partners, it hereby informs details of the processing of personal data carried out by the company in activities not necessarily related to the SITE or its Portals, as explained below :

3.6.1. Sending Notices and Advertising Messages: Contele may send notices and advertising messages to Users registered on its SITE, Portals, or customers in general. Such communications and messages may be transmitted making use of all types of technologies and means of communication available, whether by email, SMS, MMS, direct mail, and others that may be implemented.

3.6.2. Campaigns and promotions: In some opportunities, Contele carries out, sponsors and/or promotes campaigns and promotions aimed at its partners and customers. In these cases, the processing of personal data will be governed by the regulation of the campaign or promotion, which will become part of this Declaration in what does not contradict it. 

3.6.3. Customer Service: In order to be able to respond to requests related to Customer Service, Contele may request and process the applicant’s personal data, such as name, telephone, email and CPF/ITIN, depending on the negotiation, for communication and sending replacement material, gifts, among other activities, which are already authorized. If the User is not interested in receiving the messages mentioned above, he may, at any time, formalize the option to no longer receive them, simply using the link available in the message itself or by contacting [email protected].

3.7. You can, at any time, withdraw your consent or remove your data from our database. To do this, just contact us at [email protected] or send us a letter at: CONTELE SOLUÇÕES TECNOLÓGICAS LTDA R. Euclides da Cunha, 11 – Room 601/602 – Gonzaga, Santos – SP, 11065-100, Brazil, being ineffective the use of any other means to achieve this objective, in priority to the principle of data quality, pursuant to article 6, item V of Law No. 13.709/18 (LGDP).


4.1. Personal data collected, stored, or processed in any way as a result of the use of the SITES are Controlled by Contele. Thus, Contele must be consulted by the Owner of the personal data for the possible exercise of the rights provided for in the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data – LGPD.

4.2. Personal data will not be traded, assigned, or shared with Controlling companies outside the Contele business group without prior authorization, and will be used to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations imposed on it, as well as for the purposes provided for in this instrument.

4.3. In order to fulfill the purposes listed in item 3 of this Declaration, the USER/VISITOR hereby expressly agree with the sharing of personal data provided with (1) Contele employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, service providers, and suppliers, if the disclosure enables the entity to perform a business, professional or technical support function for Contele; (2) employees, independent contractors, service providers and suppliers of Contele to fulfill a request for service or products related to the object of the gift.

4.4. Any sharing of personal data with third-party Controllers will be subject to the User’s prior authorization, and they will be subject to specific contractual clauses regarding data processing, as well as Contele’s internal policies and practices regarding privacy and data protection, obliging them not to use them inappropriately.’

4.5. The personal data of USERS collected by Contele will be stored in secure databases, one of the best practices.

4.6. The platform undertakes to apply technical and organizational measures capable of protecting personal data from unauthorized access and from situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication, or dissemination of such data.

4.7. Third parties hired by Contele may collect, use and disclose their information as necessary to allow them to perform the services performed, aiming to improve those offered by Contele, object of this instrument.

4.8. Contele disclaims liability for the sole fault of a third party, such as in the case of a hacker or cracker attack, or the sole fault of the USER/VISITOR, as in the case where he himself transfers his data to third parties. In case of violation of personal data, and undertakes to communicate to the affected USER about the security of their data.

4.9. The stored data are treated confidentially, within the legal limits and parameters, except in cases where disclosure is required by law or by other contractual provision in this regard.


5.1. The User guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information and data that it provides to Contele, assuming the corresponding responsibility in the event of its inaccuracy, as well as undertaking to keep them up to date. Contele does not assume any responsibility in case of inaccuracy of the information provided.

5.2. Contele may, at its sole discretion, suspend and/or cancel the User’s registration, at any time, if it detects any inaccuracy in the information provided by the User, until the inaccuracy is remedied. Such procedure aims to protect the User.


6.1. SITES, online services, email messages and advertising material may use “cookies” and other technologies such as pixel tags and web beacons. These technologies help us to better understand the User’s behavior, tell us which parts of our website people have visited, facilitate, and measure the effectiveness of advertising and web searches, expressing the USER in this act knowledge and acceptance of the use of the collection system navigation data using these technologies.

6.2. To the extent that IP (Internet Protocol) address or similar identifiers are considered personal information, Contele will also treat these identifiers as personal information. Likewise, to the extent that non-personal information is combined with personal information, the combined information is treated as personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Statement. If you wish to block cookies, please refer to your browser guidelines/settings.

6.3. In case of disagreement with the use of “Cookies”, the use of the platform may be limited or even make its use impossible, and Contele is not responsible for any restrictions arising from the non-use of the technologies mentioned in the item above.

6.4. The systems developed by Contele also use cookies and other technologies to remember personal information when you use the SITE and our online services, whose collection and treatment is already authorized, all aiming at a more convenient and personalized experience for the USER/VISITOR.

6.5. Contele, like most websites, obtains some information automatically and stores it in log files. This information includes IP addresses, browser type and language, Internet service provider (ISP), query and exit pages, operating system, date and time information, and clickstream data. Such information is used to understand and analyze trends, in addition to administering the site, learning about the User’s behavior on the site, and obtaining demographic information about the user base in general, authorizing the user/visitor from now on to use this information in our marketing and advertising services.

6.6. In some of our email messages, Contele uses a “click-through URL” linked to the SITE content. When users click on one of these URLs, they are sent to a different web server before reaching the landing page on our website. We monitor this click-through data to understand the interest in certain topics and assess the effectiveness of communications with our customers. If the user does not accept such monitoring, simply refrain from clicking the text and image links in the email messages.

6.7. The “pixel-tags” allow Contele to send e-mail messages in formats that customers can read and inform whether the email was opened or not, with the user/visitor expressly authorized to use such information to reduce or delete messages sent to them.

6.8. To stop receiving future contacts via email, simply access the unsubscribe link contained in the message, and the user/visitor is aware that such an act can be practiced at any time.


7.1. The applications Contele for Teams, Contele Manager, Contele Driver or Contele Fleet can collect location data from the USER/VISITOR, with their proper authorization in the application.

7.2. The location data will be used to route, plan and record visits and routes carried out by the USER/VISITOR, and all data will be shared with the systems of Contelesis Soluções Tecnológicas LTDA (Contele Soluções Tecnológicas), which are the Contele Team Manager ( and Contele Rastreador (

7.3. The location data are confidential, and only the contracting company and the USER/VISITOR may have access to this data, as well as its exclusion, following the protocols of the Terms of Use (Contact Team Manager) and Contract (Contact Tracker).


8.1. To protect your personal information, Contele is committed to following industry best practices by ensuring that it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

8.2. The provision of credit card-related information is encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) technology and stored with AES-256 encryption. comply with all PCI-DSS requirements and implement additional generally accepted industry standards.


9.1 Contele reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, and it is up to the USER/VISITOR to review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publication on the website. If we make changes to materials to this policy, we will notify you by email that they have been updated so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

9.2 The USER/VISITOR is hereby authorized to transfer the information dealt with in this instrument to third parties who may eventually acquire the domains (sites) already indicated in this Privacy Policy, or even due to the merger of this company with others, consenting to the transfer of your information to the new owners, aiming at the regular continuity of the USER/VISITOR’s trade-in products.

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